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  • Expert imaging and prototyping allows us to show you your product, packaging, book or catalog before it even exists.

Print + web Different media demand different approaches. But whether you need web, logo or new packaging, you're best off with designers that understand all your needs.

imaging & prototyping You promote a new product, package, etc. before it exists. We create digital images exceeding the quality of photography, because it's a first generation image. You can market as soon as you approve a design, then enjoy better images than competitors.

Illustration These skills make Warren Kramer a master of creating images from scratch, when no photo exists, if it's difficult or expensive to re-shoot, or when illustration would carry your message more clearly.

Photographic edits Photoshop expertise allows us to use existing photography to full potential. When new photography is impractical, we make mediocre images good, good images great.

Branding awareness A visually consistent brand is vital. We will follow your brand look, or create a consistent brand style for you at your request.